Global Instant Messaging app to send and receive instant messages and sms in the same application. You can chat and answer the messages that you will receive with facility and quickly. The instant messaging app that your business needs to confidently manage all your communications, you will have your own dedicated messaging server. App Features: - Developed Native Android app - Send instant messaging and sms in the same app - Chat in group - Private Chat - Speech to text chat - Send Photos, videos, audios, instant messages, sms... - Share and send any files type up to 10GB - Share location - Share contacts - Utility to share events and meetings - Secure user registration - Chat with emoticons, emojis and emotiSOUNDs - Customizable notifications sounds - Customizable wallpapers - Instant verification of sent and received messages - Chat backup in your server - Social Network Wall - Customizable app - Auto landscape mode - 4 configuration languages: English, Spanish, French and Portuguese - With your company logo Your own global IM Chat & sms Android app with dedicated messaging server. Available options: (< 1000 users -- 120$/month) (>1000 and less 10000 -- users 240$/month) (>10000 users -- ask price)