Tennant 750 all surface cleaner is the right solution for restroom and hard surface cleaning. Using low and high-pressure spray, the Model 750 applies an even broadcast of Tennant?s 710 Cleaning Formula and 720 Rinsing Agent, which leave fixtures and surfaces clean, shiny and spot-free. The machine?s wet/dry vacuum efficiently removes dirty water from flooring. Separate blower and vacuum motors and hoses are designed specifically to prevent cross-contamination. The blower tool can be used prior to cleaning to remove dust from vents and after cleaning to quickly dry surfaces. The result is a brilliantly clean restroom without the operator ever having to touch a contaminated surface. The 19-gal. recovery tank easily empties using the drop-down hose or power pump-out system. The Model 750?s compact size allows it to be easily stowed in a custodial closet.